Why would you engage a photographer - when you've got a perfectly good camera yourself?

Well, there are a couple of reasons:

A professional photographer will work with the group being posed, sorting out the order with the main people in the middle and everyone else arranged around that in a pleasing composition, complimentary to the group. Your photographer will avoid the “execution squad” pose and will do something with all the hands. The photographer will work with the group in a courteous and respectful way to get a dynamic pose working which will avoid a staid, static photograph. There will be no plants growing out of heads, no heads or limbs missing and everyone will be looking at the camera!

Of course, the photos will be properly exposed and sharp. If outdoors, then they won’t be shot in direct sunlight - to avoid squinting and harsh shadows. If indoors and using flash, there will be no red-eye and the flash won’t be straight into the face giving a washed-out look.

Post production
The supplied photos will all have been adjusted and cropped. It’s the photographer’s expertise in the digital darkroom that you are also investing in, so that blemishes are removed or reduced.

Your photographer should be professional: that is, belong to a recognised professional body. This will be your guarantee that he is registered, qualified and insured and that he abides by a code of ethics. It also assures you that there’s a backup available, should the unforeseen happen.

Hands free
And it ensures that you can mingle with your guests, secure in the knowledge that the event is properly recorded.